Unser Weihnachtsmenü 2023

Silesian sausages and mash on sauerkraut with careaway seeds
Stauder‘s Beer “Bierchen“ with citrus notes and a touch of lavender

Beef Olives on red wine sauce with handmade Swabian spätzla and a side of red cabbage
Ricossa Barbera Appassimento 2021

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice-Cream
Freixenet Premium-Cava Carta Rośe

Pasteis de Bacalhau on sweet potato purée
with a touch of cardamom and cinnamon
and slices of fried Jamon Serrano

Applecrumble_ 1200x800
Schlesischewürste_ 800x1200
Pasteisbacalhau_ 1200x800