We had goose on Martinmas – and a few extras:

Appetizer: Portuguese Pasteis de bacalhau on sweet potato puree with serrano strips
Main course: roasted goose with Swabian spaetzla and red cabbage
Dessert: Portuguese Pasteis de Nata and Spanish Mousse de Caramel y Choc.

We had wonderful guests and a very nice evening together. Thank you very much!


I got to know and love Pasteis de Bacalhau in Portugal. It is first-class soul food and is at the heart of Portuguese cuisine.
I seasoned the sweet potato puree with cardamom and cinnamon, roughly to the specifications of El Olivo in Recklinghausen. Best tapas in the Ruhr area! Go there!
I added the Serrano ham to give the sweet and cardamom-heavy puree and the fluffy fish pies a rustic touch.




One sweet potato per person, peel, cook in aluminum foil to preserve the flavor, about 1 ground cardamom seed, a pinch of cinnamon, star anise, milk, butter, salt, heat, puree. Delicious!




The mint didn’t do the pasteis any harm. Perhaps use a little more of it next time, but significantly less onions.



Shaping the quenelles takes a while. Next time I’ll be more generous with the water when rinsing the spoons to make the quenelles even prettier.

Fry in sunflower oil – simply brilliant.




Degrease a little more…




The sauce degreased, the spaetzla fried in butter, the goose heated under the grill.




The coloring of the meat is appropriate.




Pasteis de Nata are a love greeting from the cesspit of happiness. Complete ruin of the soul and eternal damnation threaten the unsuspecting victims.