„To be thus is nothing but to be safely thus.“ (Macbeth, Act 3, Soliloquy)

There are two concepts of escape room: firstly, such a room is a protective device against burglars, kidnappers or other external threats. Such a room is integrated by the rich into their house and its access is locked from the inside so that no evil can enter.
The people in the room then wait until they receive a signal from a protective, internal or external authority to release the bolt and get out of the safe room.

Secondly, an escape room is a game in which the participants have to escape from a locked room in order to survive. The game provides the participants with clues and tools to escape, at different times and with decreasing levels of difficulty. The decreasing level of difficulty is intended to make it easier to achieve the game’s objective, even if time is working against the participants.

When do you turn the key?