Dear Mamile,
Happy birthday to you! Are you having a good time? Someone must have brought you butter pretzels for breakfast. Preferably the ones from Sahnebeck, because they are world class. Every single one is sensationally delicious, in every respect. The pretzel arms are so thin that they crunch like no other when you take your first bite. The buttered belly is juicy and creamy in taste with a thin crispy crust on the outside. A real treat.
It was never a long way to the Sahnebeck. It only took four minutes to walk from the Storchen. So there was never a reason not to have a pretzel in the house, but it happened all the time. They were just too good back then and today they are heavenly.
My pretzels are not as good, no. But they are getting better. You would like my pretzels too, Mamile. I firmly believe that.
Sleep well, Mamile.
Missing you loads.